Trailer for Mission Chaos

Team Spacing Out
Evan Bugg - Programmer, Level Designer
Charli Kerr - Programmer, Artist
Ashley Wielgos - Programmer, Bug Fixer

I primarily work as a coder for this project. I coded in most of the obstacles' features, including the falling rocks, laser blocking platforms, and toggleable spikes. I also programmed the features of the control panel to connect it to the obstacles. I also did a lot of the bug fixing and testing for this project, especially before the final release. I made a few primitive art assets as well as the final design of the control panel. I personally spent 43 hours working on this project.
Game Development Process
Initial Pitch
Core Features:
- obstacles such as lasers, debris, and moving platforms
- varying gravity
- two control schemes (WASD space and mouse)
- trial and error experience

Aiming for 3-5 levels in the final version

Moodboard for the Initial Pitch

Entire Prototype Gameplay

Prototype Phase
As a prototype, we created a singular level that would serve as an introduction to the game for the player. This level involved lasers, spikes, a moving platform, falling debris, and several control panel interactions. We also tried to modify gravity within the two rooms so that different gravity levels could be tested.
First Playable Phase
For our first playable, we created a second level in order to show all of our features in a compact space. The gravity switches in the middle of the level. There are also several inverted elements to the control panel so that there are consequences for using it. This level exists in the final version as Level 1.
Alpha Phase
For our alpha, we created a second more difficult level that introduced most of the remaining mechanics. It featured moving platforms the player could ride on as well as sideways gravity. This level exists in the final version as the second room of Level 3. We also created the initial tutorial level.
Beta Phase
For our beta, we created the remaining level parts to complete our game. Level 2, featuring two rooms, and Level 3, featuring 3 rooms, were added. These two levels exist within the final version of the game mostly unchanged. We also adjusted the existing levels of our game thanks to a playtesting session.

Final Gameplay

Final Version
Our final game features three levels with several rooms in each. Each room attempts to introduce a new mechanic, such as lasers, toggleable spikes, and moving platforms. There are also tutorial and dialogue systems to help guide and teach the player. The game takes around 5-7 to complete.
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