I was the Project Manager for the Fall and Spring Journals for Broadside, a Literary Arts Journal created by Bradley University students. After weeks of collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, these designs were printed and distributed across campus.
Fall Journal, 2021
Spring Journal, 2022
Supplementary Posters
The Fall Journal was designed using Photoshop and InDesign, and the Spring Journal was solely designed in InDesign. During this project, I helped develop the theme for each journal, processed and organized submissions, and ordered the art, poetry, and prose so that each entry flowed smoothly to the next. I also created supplementary posters to help advertise the journals and the organization as a whole.
The Fall Journal was made up of 20 pages and the Spring Journal was made up of 92 pages.
Personal Branding
I aimed to make my logo and iconography monocolor and consistent. I aimed to
minimize sharp edges and standardize spacing.
I've made several sticker design series on Redbubble. My goal with each was to 
create a cohesive series of images.

Adobe Illustrator  |  2020

Adobe Photoshop  |  2021

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