A poster/flyer created for the Royal Reptile Rumble card game.

Royal Reptile Rumble is a 2 player game designed for my Game Design 1 class in the fall semester of my freshman year. The game features only 9 cards and contains few other components. This game's concept and art were entirely made from scratch for this project. This was a partner project and I worked with Andrew Krenzel.
In this game, you play as 1 of 4 reptiles and you long to become the ruler of the jungle. Unfortunately, you have some competition and will have to use the resources around you, ranging from thorny bushes to lemur thieves, to fight your way to the top.
During the project, Andrew primarily focused on game design and I focused on the art, design, and theme. This worked well as we covered each other's weaknesses.
This card game was created over four weeks, the fourth week primarily consisting of playtesting and tweaking of the rules and cards.
This project was created for the Board Game Geek 9 card game contest. The requirements were a game that only included 9 cards. Up to 18 other components could be used, but weren't required.
I learned a lot about game design from this project. I am not as experienced in game design so some aspects of this project were more difficult for me. I have also never designed a card game before, though I have been playing them since I was a child. I enjoyed being able to be part of a group project.
The project, including printable rules and card sheets, can be found on Board Game Geek's website here.
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